Wednesday, 10 November 2010

IOVILUS App review

Although I am keen believer in the paranormal I have tried and tested many attempts to contact the spirit world, and although I have had some positive responeses I never seem to be able to contact the spirits like others do so well on Youtube and there own pursuit with the unknown.

I purchased an app called the IOVILUS from the apple store, hoping that maybe it would be a useful tool to use in paranormal reasearch, yet to my dissapointment I have no such luck in communication with the dead. Visually it is pretty simple, and does have links in each corner of the image that tells you of what it supposedly does which is interesting, but apart from that it's very simple as an app.

Its purpose is for the spirit entity to manipulate the device by answering questions that have been asked. For example "Hello, what is your name?" is a typical question asked, and the response is you would think would be a name, yet it is some random word. It could depend on where I am at the time, it might help if I am in a old rickety house which is re-known to house a ghost, but I don't think so.

From what I can gather, whenever I watch someone on Youtube with this app and it spurts out some random word they immediatley think of anything that relates to that word, for example it says "car" then that person usually says or thinks "Yeah I was in a car!" or "Yeah I saw a car" To me this is just being naive, but hey.

In the end, I think this app does have its entertainment value, but it is just pure novelty and does nothing what it says. Worth the 59p if you want a bit of fun with your friends when the lights are turned off and you have had a few glasses, but other than that it doesn't do what it says on the box.

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